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What is Sitefinity

A CMS Platform That's Easy to Use Develop Manage

Progress® Sitefinity® enables digital agencies, developers and internal IT teams to easily implement fast, secure and connected experiences. Meanwhile, marketers can create engaging, personalized content across sites and channels without reliance on IT.

Our Services

Content Management

With an intuitive and feature-rich user interface, Sitefinity empowers marketing teams to independently create and manage content that delivers engaging digital experiences. Modern technologies and a rich, flexible toolset enable dev teams to build, integrate and deploy solutions that impress


Sitefinity is the digital platform that best equips you to face and solve the challenges of crafting and delivering personalized and omnichannel experiences to your customers—wherever they are, whenever they engage.

Multichannel Management

Manage multisite, multilingual, cross-platform content. Deliver digital experiences across multiple channels and devices. Sitefinity's advanced capabilities and centralized administration enable seamless multisite deployment and multilingual content management for true multichannel and cross-platform engagement.

Digital Commerce

Customers demand an elevated, personalized and seamless digital experience. Boost your revenue by offering catalogs, multiple storefronts, targeted promotions and payment processing, plus leverage the powerful partner solution integrations in Sitefinity.


Code and Deliver Across Platforms and Devices

Developer Platform

Plan. Code. Build. Test. Deploy. Release. Upgrade. Integrate. From smart devs, for smart devs. High productivity and interoperability. Automated deployment and shorter time to market. Platform flexibility. Operational efficiency and high performance. Tighter security and easier maintenance.

Cloud Deployment

Minimize IT complexity and overhead while meeting business demands with Progress Sitefinity Cloud. Hosted by Progress in Microsoft Azure, Sitefinity Cloud enables system integrators and digital agencies to develop, run and manage secure, powerful digital experiences without having to build and maintain a complex infrastructure.

Security and Compliance

With 10,000+ web properties built on Sitefinity by 2,700+ global organizations, security and data privacy are an integral part of everything we do. Government agencies and businesses of all sizes and industries trust Progress with their applications and data. Composed of a Web Content Management System and Sitefinity Insight, customers deploy and manage their CMS on premises or in the cloud while accessing Sitefinity Insight as a SaaS application. To provide this we focus on four security areas—security by design, cloud operations security, customer data protection and standards compliance.

Analytics and Insgihts

Leverage integrated analytics for Sitefinity Online Marketing Edition or Enterprise Edition. Today, winning websites are constantly evolving. They are increasingly personalized, optimized and customized, so that organizations can deliver on shifting marketing strategies and achieve business goals with greater speed, efficiency and efficacy.


  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Public Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
  • Professional Services & Support

    Implementations, licensing and support. Professional Services under Subscription and Extended Teams.

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